“The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes”

ISBN-10: 0060586311
ISBN-13: 978-0060586317


I am an astrology book junkie, and this one is very interesting to say the least. it is loads of fun for everyone to read. the style is refreshingly open and down-to-earth, yet it also goes deeper than other books i have read.
i had a hard time with this book in the sense that my pet peeve is when it is obvious that the author(s) are biased about a certain sign or group of signs and they portray these signs in more of a negative light than the others. Lets face it, we all have our light and dark traits, none of which are more beautiful or uglier than our brother’s and sister’s of different signs. if i were really the bratty, self-centered, steeley eyed, compassionless aries that the authors portray, i might as well jump off a cliff. I mean, I laughed aloud when i read this simply because it made me out to be such an […] Some of it I could identify with, others things seemed to be the the realm of an aries prototype concentrated times 1000. Lets remember that astrological signs are TENDANCIES, not a black and white road map to a person’s personality. if the world consisted of 12 different personalities as rigidly described in detail as they are in this book, we would have a pretty boring world indeed! people are much more complex than that! that is why it bothers me to see such generalizations. also because we all have other astrological elements that play into who we are… what about our rising sign, moon, venus and mars? Wouldn’t those planetary aspects be factored into a book that represents this term, ‘sextrology‘? maybe it is my moon in libra, thinking this all a little bit unfair….

this is a entertaining coffee table book that is good for a few laughs. it has a few points of validity here and there that will certainly cause a few ‘ahhhh’s’ but in the big picture please remember, if you want to REALLY know how ‘you are’ don’t rely on some trendy sun sign book to tell you. Get your entire chart done by a professional.


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