Spoken from the Heart

Spoken from the Heart

Author: Laura Bush

ISBN-10: 1439155208
ISBN-13: 978-1439155202

No matter your politics, Laura Bush has always been a woman that most of us respect. She portrays the love of her man and her family. She loves to read, she likes to travel, take care of her home, and loves her country. Within this book,she has given us a piece of herself.

Laura starts her book by relating her childhood in Midand, Texas Her parents loved children, but her mother had several miscarriages, so Laura was the only child. She was much loved and grew up in a strong, supportive family. She had a normal lively childhood. When she was a young teen, she was driving her friend to a movie, she missed a stop sign and had a collision. One of her good friends died in the crash, and this changed Laura’s life. No one spoke about the death, ever. In her book, Laura recommends that everyone face their demons and stand up to them. She wishes she had visited the family, but no one thought it a good idea. This life altering event was faced alone. She went to college, graduated and met George. They fell in love quickly and married. In a few years, twins came along, and Laura’s life was complete. All this time her life was private, and then George entered the political world and it changed. She was able to maintain some of her privacy but much of her life was out there for all to see. She discusses her travels as the President’s First Lady, her life as a wife and all that entails. She does discuss George Bush’s propensity for alcohol, and his decision to stop drinking after a 40th birthday party get away. He is a man of great disclipine, she says, and he found exercise and athletics a joy. One of her happiest days was the day they moved back to their ranch as private citizens. She talks about her life now. Taking her mom to Target to Christmas shop. The life of a woman who has seen the world and much prefers home.

Laura Bush opened her private life to share, and it truly is spoken from the heart. I am not a fan of her husband’s politics, but I admire Laura Bush a great deal. She has remained true to herself and her family. Her two daughters are beautiful and bright and helpful to the world. She loves her husband, and their ranch near Crawford is where they want to end their days. Kudos to Laura for a story well told.

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